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Monday, November 10, 2008

End of a Season

Soccer is over! Cara actually cried about it on the way to her last game...I have privately cheered about it. I love to watch my cutie pies play and grow but I am grateful to see the end of extra driving and to have more time added to our days!

John coached the first graders this year and looked so cute out there chasing after them! Kendryn and Cara worked hard this season and learned a lot of new skills. Their last game was definitely their best! Funny how we just start to get something figured out and we are moved on to the next season!

This was Ally's final season of soccer. She has played for 4 years and will enter junior high next year...end of a season. She has decided to give volleyball a try. She was so fun to watch this year. All of her years of practice have culminated in a pretty skilled young lady. She was an important part of her team and we all had a great time cheering for her. Her fabulous teacher, Mrs. Anderson, even made an appearance at her last about was pouring rain and so windy that John's umbrella broke!