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Monday, December 22, 2008

Global Warming!!! Whatever!!!!

So remind me never to pray for snow!!! My prayers have been answered...and answered...and answered!! It has been dumping white, fluffy, beautiful, claustrophobia-inducing snow for over a week now. It was supposed to taper off today but it snowed about 6 more inches last night. We are at over a foot for the total at our house! This is Portland, Oregon...not Utah!

They are saying that it could continue snowing through Christmas. I guess this is the time to teach my kids that there is more to this holiday than presents...because if we have to have Christmas without one final shopping trip we're in a bit of trouble!

Monday, November 10, 2008

End of a Season

Soccer is over! Cara actually cried about it on the way to her last game...I have privately cheered about it. I love to watch my cutie pies play and grow but I am grateful to see the end of extra driving and to have more time added to our days!

John coached the first graders this year and looked so cute out there chasing after them! Kendryn and Cara worked hard this season and learned a lot of new skills. Their last game was definitely their best! Funny how we just start to get something figured out and we are moved on to the next season!

This was Ally's final season of soccer. She has played for 4 years and will enter junior high next year...end of a season. She has decided to give volleyball a try. She was so fun to watch this year. All of her years of practice have culminated in a pretty skilled young lady. She was an important part of her team and we all had a great time cheering for her. Her fabulous teacher, Mrs. Anderson, even made an appearance at her last about was pouring rain and so windy that John's umbrella broke!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The men in my life!

I love these two guys!!
They make me smile, especially when I get a cute picture of them together, like this! I hope Cameron watches his fabulous daddy and grows up to be just like him!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I think I ate my tooth!

Kendryn and Cara are having an unintentional competition to see who can look the most like a jack-o-lantern for Halloween!
The other night we were having dinner and Cara suddenly spits the whole chewed-up bite of her burger in her hand and says,
I think I just lost a tooth! There's another hole in my mouth!
John proceeded to dig through the carnage that was her hamburger in search of her tooth with 4 sets of eyes intently watching over his shoulder (mine was one of them).
That little baby tooth was no where to be found, and Cara was a bit troubled!

I ate my tooth????

We explained that the Tooth Fairy would still make an appearance, that he/she understands these things and it would not effect the all important 'prize under the pillow'!

What will happen to my tooth??

To which John explains the natural biological progression of things as delicately as possible and Kendryn says to Cara,

Maybe Dad will look for it when it comes out!

I think not!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sex Rox!!!!

Sex Rox!!!
Sex Rox!!! maybe it does, but those are in no way words we expected to hear from our 7 year old!
I have been so excited that Kendryn and Cara are learning to read. They like to amuse themselves by trying to read signs as we are driving in the car.
Yesterday on our way to a crazy busy pumpkin patch, Kendryn started to chant these words over and over.
Sex Rox!
(Lots of emphasis on all of the s's!)
John and I were talking in the front and didn't catch what she was saying. Ally, however, being 11 and having taken reproductive health last year started to freak out, turn bright red, and laugh uncontrollably. Then Kendryn started spelling it over and over and over...S-E-X R-O-X, S-E-X R-O-X, S-E-X R-O-X !

I thought she was saying the number 6, but NOOOO!
When we asked her what she was talking about, she told us she had just read it.... John thinks it may have been a bumper sticker.

I vacillated between laughing really hard and being quite horrified that there was a sign anywhere in public that Kendryn could lay eyes on that said those words! I think my greatest fear is that she will repeat them at school or church!

We ended up at Lee's farm pumpkin patch and had a great time together! Our kiddos are growing up so fast! We got some really cute pictures of them and it makes me realize how quickly time has passed! I keep reminding myself to stop and enjoy it!

Our first Blog!

I am starting this blog because I suck at keeping a journal and there are too dang many funny things that happen around my house that need to be recorded!

Nearly every day we hear something that we would love to remember, but forget to write down. We move through life so quickly and I want my kids to know that what they say and do is important to me.. and John! I love being their mom and I think they are so cute and fun! So... I am going to try blogging and see how it goes! I don't have much hope of excelling at it. It won't be pretty, or fancy... and it probably won't be updated very consistently...but it will be true life and craziness as it happens around our house!